Bill Nelson Hurricane Michael: ‘It Is Unlike Any Other Hurricane That I Have Seen Except Hurricane Andrew’

‘This leveled all of the structures that were old in Mexico beach’


NELSON: “Short answer is no. I just came from Panama City and Mexico beach. It is unlike any other hurricane that I have seen except hurricane Andrew, which was 1992 south of Miami. It leveled homestead, Florida. This leveled all of the structures that were old in Mexico beach. They are rubble. The newer ones under the building code stood up, but as — just as I was there take, I met two residents, one who survived on the second floor of a condominium overlooking the beach, and he said he thought he was going to die. Another one who had evacuated and was coming back to see his business, and, of course, there was nothing left of the business, and yet his attitude was the can-to spirit, we’re going to get through this. That’s the spirit that you will see in a lot of floridians as they recover.”

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