Tarlov on 2020: Bloomberg Could Go Toe-to-Toe with Trump, Kamala Harris Could Be ‘Formidable’

‘[Kamala Harris] is a a prolific fundraiser; she raised $400,000 for Heidi Heitkamp in one day’


TARLOV: "I’m saying that Mike Bloomberg can go toe-to-toe with President Trump about business. He's proven himself, that's a big reason that people voted for President Trump. Because they thought he would steer the economy well, that he knew what he was doing. That’s fine, but Mike Bloomberg can say I’m not a lifetime public servant, I did serve and I served very well and on top of that, I’m a businessman but Kamala Harris, you can say that and I know. She’s a prolific fund-raiser. She raised $400,000 for Heidi Heikamp in one day. She satisfies all corners of the spectrum, moderates like her, she will get the African-American vote out and Progressives like her as well. I think a ticket like Kamala Harris with Sherrod Brown out of Ohio who just raised the single most in Ohio history could be very formidable. And Joe Biden is overwhelmingly popular, and you say he's some far lefty. He's Barack Obama’s partner, they ran down the middle." 

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