Blumenthal: ‘Typical’ of Sexual Assault Survivors to Not Remember

‘This FBI investigation is the result of the request that she made’

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BLUMENTHAL: "Well, John, the power and credibility of that testimony was in what she remembered so vividly and dramatically, and also what she frankly admitted she couldn't remember, which is typical of sexual assault survivors. She was very candid and forthright with the committee about the limitations of her knowledge. And she asked for an FBI investigation. Brett Kavanaugh declined to ask for one. She wanted others to be interviewed under oath. Not so Brett Kavanaugh. So this FBI investigation is the result of the request that she made, among other reasons. Jeff Flake correctly and courageously asked for the White House to do the investigation. I think it will corroborate elements of her testimony. And she is believed by Leland Keyser who was there that night. The others don't remember it, but they don't refute her." 

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