Joe diGenova on Kavanaugh: This Is an Attempt by Dems to ‘Destroy’ a Good Man and His Family and They’re Succeeding

‘This is part of the disgusting display that the Democrats created’


DIGENOVA: "Of course you would. But this is not what it is about for the Democrats. This is not about the ethics or morality or rightness. This is about power. The Democrats leaked it, the lawyers leaked it, maybe she leaked it or someone in her family leaked. We know the Republicans didn’t leak it because they didn’t have the letter. Someone wanted to use her and make parrot of a process to flay away at Judge Kavanaugh. This is part of the disgusting display that the Democrats created. They are trying to make it look like something that is serious. In fact, it’s awful. It is demeaning the country and demeaning the Senate. I don’t know what affect it is having on Dr. Ford or whatever her name is. The bottom line is that this is an attempt to destroy a good man and his family. And the Democrats are succeeding. They got their delay on the vote on the Senate floor. They may ultimately win."

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