Gingrich: Dems So Desperate To Stop Kavanaugh, They Lie, Smear, Break Senate Rules

‘The fact is, this hearing is a farce’


GINGRICH: "Well I think what the American people should think is that you have Democratic Party so desperate to stop the Supreme Court from becoming conservative, that they are prepared to lie, to smear, to be hysterical, to break Senate rules, to do whatever they have to do. What you are watching is a party totally desperate, and you have to put this week in context. I was struck earlier today that Arthur Miller’s a great play the crucible which is about the Salem witchcraft trials actually relates to us happening to judge Kavanaugh. What he is being print put through is like medieval torture. Someone shows up 35 years later, and everyone in the audience ought to think about this. Close your eyes for a second, and ask what were you doing on June 12th, 35 years ago? The truth is, you almost certainly don’t know. The fact is, this hearing is a farce. There is nothing Kavanaugh can say which will convince Chuck Schumer to vote for him."

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