MSNBC Guest: Questioning Hurricane Deaths Is ‘Modern-Day Holocaust Denial’

‘He is now trying to deny the deaths of many citizens who live with great dignity’

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AMANDI: "And I want to go back to what Jennifer Rubin said very quckly if I may, because I -- I don't think it can stated enough. What motivated Trump to write that tweet talking about the 3,000 deaths that he said never happened, we'll never know. It's either mental deterioration, of course, which are the sings of, but it is also the dehumanization of a group of people in the United States of which I consider myself one, Hispanic Americans. He has called us animals. He is now trying to deny the deaths of many citizens who live with great dignity. And, Joy, this is sending a very sinister message to Trump’s base. What he is saying is: These are not people, these are not even animals, these things didn’t happen. It is modern-day Holocaust denial, Joy."

(h/t NewsBusters)

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