Dem Strategist Blasts Feinstein on Kavanaugh: ‘Offensive’ Seeing Politicians Using Sexual Assault To Score Points

‘I have been a victim of sexual assault’


MacCALLUM: "They will decide what think think on their own. The “New York post” op-ed column saying the Democrats hit a new low in the crusade against Kavanaugh. This has to do with the anonymous letter that was thrown into the mix at the very last moment, Rochelle, accusing Kavanaugh of something in high school he claims that he did not do. He has a letter from 65 women who speak out in support of him from high school and beyond. They say he wouldn’t do that. Was this too low a blow?"
RITCHIE: "You know, I went back and forth on whether or not I would share this story with millions of people. But I have been a victim of sexual assault. So when I see politicians using sexual assault — alleged actions of sexual assault or sexual abuse, it’s offensive to me. To try to use something to tragic to gain political points. I feel that if this happened to this woman, for anything, at least for public safety, you should come forward immediately. Not wait from July until now to say I have this letter and I’m handing it over. But I will say this, though. If Kavanaugh did do what this woman is alleging that he did, then he should be held responsible. Because this is a supreme Court justice and they are meant the uphold the law, not break it."

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