Willie Geist: Unsung Success Is Not a Term Anybody Should Use When It Comes To What Happened in Puerto Rico

‘Donald Trump picked fights with leaders in Puerto Rico’


GEIST: "Obviously, we’re going to be focused on what’s happening or what’s about to happen with hurricane Florence. We’ve got the forecast in just a second. But this is the context for the comment the President made yesterday and it dovetails with Bob Woodward, who is sitting with us right now, and his new book and a president who is able to not admit defeat, but even to concede when something didn’t go well. You don’t have to say this was terrible for you, but you can say this was a great tragedy. Unsung success is certainly not a term anyone should use when it comes to what happened in Puerto Rico given the study from George Washington University we got just a couple of weeks ago that did, in fact, show nearly 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico."

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