The Hobbit’s ‘Smaug’ Endorses Rand Paul for President

‘Rand Paul, 2016! Yeah!’

The Hobbit’s Smaug Endorses Rand Paul for President (Mediaite)

If Rand Paul was looking for an endorsement from a monstrous dragon with a pile of gold not namedSheldon Adelson, he got one last night from Smaug, the evil dragon from The Hobbit and a self-described fiscal conservative.

Coming on The Colbert Report after eating the entire cast of The View, Smaug proved to have a surprising range of conservative views, admitting that America should go back to the gold standard (hence his endorsement of Rand), and supporting Florida’s controversial stand-your-ground law, citing his experience with the thief Bilbo Baggins: “What would you do if someone broke into your house wearing a hoodie?”

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