Colbert Performs Magic to Help Him Remind Penn Jillette What Trump Said: ‘Is This Your Word?’

‘If Donald Trump had not become president, I would tell you all the stories’


COLBERT: "How could you get the details wrong? There’s only one detail we’re waiting for. 'Yeah, I remember he said an 'N' word, but I can’t remember which one. Was it noodle? Was it nachos. Nebuchadnezzar? No.' But if Penn Jillette won’t reveal Trump’s exact words, perhaps I can help. A little magic music, please, Jon. Ordinary deck of cards. Ordinary deck of cards. Okay, here we go. All right, here we go. Penn, I want you to think back on that night, okay. As I said, ordinary, ordinary deck of cards right here, all right. All right. Remember, okay. Picture the word that Donald Trump said. I want you to picture — I want you to picture — I want you to picture what that card was. Do you have it firmly in your mind? Picture— picture the word he said. Do you have the word in mind? Is this your word?" 

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