Michael Steele Pummels Omarosa’s ‘Un-Credible’ Trump Book Claims: ‘I Am Not Buying This’

‘My question to her is, are you now bowing down to him?’


STEELE: "Hashtag 'not credible.' You know, can we just not — please, let’s not go down this rabbit hole, people. I am not buying the, 'oh my God, woe is me, this was horrible' when it was made very clear to us by Omarosa that those of us who were repelled by this President’s behavior, his words and actions would bow down to him. My question to her is, are you now bowing down to him? The rest of us who have a problem with this, which you now seem to have, we were told this would be the consequence. I am not buying this. It’s about book sales. It’s about being close to the President. It wouldn’t surprise me if she and the President have worked out this reality TV production and this is all more drama and B.S. to distract us from the real narratives that are eating at this country on race, on economy, on health care, and certainly, you know, everything else. I just — I’m not playing this. Sorry."

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