CNN’s Stelter: Trump’s Tweet Claiming Press Can ’Cause War’ Is ‘the Kind Of Rhetoric Used by Stalin’

‘I think of it as a verbal form of poison’

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STELTER: "The President is supported by a pro-Trump media universe that could not have existed 20 years ago and did not exist ten years ago. Largely it’s Fox News and a variety of websites that prop him up and support him almost no matter what. At the rally last night it was really telling, the President giving shout-outs to the favorite Fox News host and saying we, we are winning, we are in this together. He thinks of himself almost as a part of Fox News at this point, at least that’s how he was talking at the rally last night. When he says enemy of the people, this is extremist rhetoric, the kind of rhetoric used by Stalin and other dictators many decades ago and has its roots in a very ugly part of our shared history on this planet. And so the President when he brings that language back and tries to use that language to divide people, it’s going to end up being a sad chapter of his presidency."

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