Michael Beschloss: Maybe Trump’s Feelings Were Hurt with the Way Trudeau Was Received at the G-7

‘Canada was always there’


BESCHLOSS: “We sure do at a time people talk about borders, especially Donald Trump. We don’t have a closer ally. This has been for 200 years. This has been a huge strength of America. You know, when we were in 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, you know, Canada was always there, and god-willing always will be. And the thing that really worries me is the emotionalism of this. I totally grant what Bob said about Donald Trump’s feeling about trade, but those words yesterday did not come, I think, from his abstract views on trade. It’s this emotional reaction he has to Justin Trudeau. Maybe it’s that Justin Trudeau goes to G-7 and he’s the darling of a lot of those other leaders in a way that Donald Trump is not and that makes his feelings hurt. But the problem is, you know, at 8:00 P.M. this evening eastern time, he’s going to go in that room one on one with only translators with the leader of North Korea, all of our security depends on that. The same thing with our children. All of America. And is he going to have the same emotionalism?”

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