Willie Geist: Trump Could Stop Rudy at Any Time But He Likes Him Stirring the Pot

‘President Trump could stop this any time’


GEIST: "And to have Rudy Giuliani freelancing on a trip in Tel Aviv and undercutting all the work that serious people are doing, it’s not only bad for President Trump, it’s bad for the country. But as I said, President Trump could stop it. He likes this. He likes that the pot is being stirred. And I know you talked to Rudy yesterday, Jonathan. A lot of people have noted, and Donny can speak to this, too, that Rudy Giuliani is just happy to be back on the stage, that he’s on shows like this, that we’re talking about him all the time, that he's on TV all the time, that he’s back in the middle of the conversation.”

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