Scarborough: Trump Supporters Chanted ‘Drain the Swamp’ When ‘We Learned of the Swampiest Behavior’

‘They actually chanted that last night’


[clip starts]
CROWD: “Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp!”
[clip ends]
SCARBOROUGH: “Drain the swamp. They actually chanted that last night for the President’s rally in Indiana. And it came — 'Drain the swamp' came on the same day that we learned of the swampiest behavior I’ve ever heard of in modern American political history. And that’s because the President’s personal attorney, we learned yesterday, Michael Cohen, got hired three days into the Trump Administration to help AT&T on its merger that the President said he was going to kill and he racked up a total of nearly $3 million from them and other corporate clients. Drain the swamp? What about all of those Trump cabinet expenses? Drain the swamp? Like, drain it with what? Ben Carson’s $31,000 dining set? The $139,000 that Ryan Zinke spent on doors? Let me say that again. Let me — let me say that again. For those of you who were working around the clock, night and day, to try to get your kids, to be able to do better than you have done, like my parents tried to do with me, like it’s our dream — think about your salary, and think about the fact that Ryan Zinke spent $139,000 on doors. What about Scott Pruitt? He had luxury flights and sweetheart condo deals from a lobbyist. And don’t forget Secretary Mnuchin took a government jet that you paid for, a government jet that your taxes paid for, along with his wife, to watch the eclipse atop Fort Knox’s stack of gold. Drain the swamp? What a joke." 

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