Scarborough: Disturbing Giuliani Not Knowing If It Was Campaign Money Used for Stormy Payment

‘I’m not sure where Rudy Giuliani has been over the past several months’


SCARBOROUGH: "And I’m not sure where Rudy Giuliani has been over the past several months, but those are called in-kind contributions. Contributions that aren’t written to Donald Trump for president, but those are contributions that benefit the president, that don’t go into the campaign, that the FEC and the federal government will look at and say, ‘That was an in-kind contribution. You could not give him that dinner for 5,000 of his closest friends and not report that.’ Because anything that benefits the campaign becomes a campaign contribution whether it’s, quote, campaign money or not. Mika, I — I don’t know what’s more disturbing, Rudy Giuliani not knowing that or saying it to Sean Hannity, who acted like they had both just seen the arc of the covenant at the end of ‘Raiders of the Lost Arc.’ They’re about three months behind the story.”

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