Jon Stewart Previews Election Day by Going After GOP ‘Buttheads’

Stewart goes on to rip Voter ID laws citing that voter fraud percentage is even less than the amount of cockroach allowed in our yogurt

Jon Stewart Previews Election Day by Going After GOP ‘Buttheads’ (Mediaite)

Jon Stewart previewed Election Day tomorrow by going after all the “buttheads” in the GOP playing to emotion and pushing for voter ID laws that help them out. Stewart mocked the idea that it’s just Democrats appealing to emotion and the Republicans have all the rational arguments when a lot of their ads basically say “vote for us or get beheaded while pooping blood.”

After listening to John Boehner assuring that a GOP Senate takeover would mean there would be less partisanship and butting heads, Stewart said, “Somehow, I think no matter what we do, we’re gonna get buttheads.”

And Stewart even brought up voter ID laws in states like Texas and North Carolina that he said look a little “voter suppression-y” and designed to cut off voting access to constituencies that happen to back the Democrats.

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