Baier to Comey: Did You Not Push Back Against Trump Because You Wanted to Keep You Job?

‘It’s possible’


BAIER: "All right in the infamous Oval Office meeting with President Trump when he asked you to stay behind one-on-one. You write in the book that you felt awkward. You didn’t like it."
COMEY: "Correct."
BAIER: "You had been one-on-one with president Obama in the Oval Office?"
COMEY: "Correct."
BAIER: "But this was different."
COMEY: "Yeah. Because he booted out the attorney general of the United States who was lingering trying to stay."
BAIER: "As opposed to the presidential photographer who President Obama boots out?
COMEY: "Sure."
BAIER: "You say you didn’t push back when he said he hoped you could see your way clear of letting Flynn go that he was a good guy. Hoped you could let it go. You say you didn’t push back and he should have known that he couldn’t do that. All right. So let’s assume that’s true that he should have known. That is it possible there was another reason why you didn’t push back and that is that you wanted to keep your job?"
COMEY: "It’s possible but it’s not the case. At least I don’t remember thinking about that at the time."

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