Patrick Leahy: Sessions Has to Recuse Himself

‘He has to recuse himself from this based on the president intervening as a party to the suit’


LEAHY: "Well, I'm the one that asked him the question about recusal, if in his recusal he recused himself from anything to do with the President and involvement with the elections. Now, it’s very clear, two things. One, President Trump himself petitioned the court to be a — be one of the advocates in the Michael Cohen case after months of denying that he used Michael Cohen to pay off a porn star. He admits that, yes, he was involved with that. And I think that the recusal statute and law for the Department of Justice, the guidelines, are very, very clear. Attorney General Sessions has no — really no wiggle room here. He has to recuse himself from this based on the President intervening as a party to the suit and based on all the evidence that has come out."

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