Bongino Battles Chris Hahn: You Need ‘Professional Help’ If You’re Questioning Trump’s Motivation for Syria Strikes

‘You have got the timeline all wrong’

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HAHN: "I think there are many Americans who might be you suspicious and the president owes it to this country to make sure they are not. It’s his own behavior that made them you sition. I think when people use chemical weapons we need to beat him down for it. I approve of what the president did twin our allies did. But there are significant Americans concerned about the motivation and that’s on the president and his staff to control."
BONGINO: "You should seek professional help if you believe that. You have got the timeline all wrong. The president’s tweets, the gas attack, then the information that broke about Cohen. You have got the timeline backwards in an effort to wag the dog. There has to be a mental health professional close you to treat you for the trump derangement syndrome."

PIRRO: "Guys, I have to add something. How could you say that some Americans are worried about the motivation? The guy is gassing kids and his own people. What else do you need? You have Obama saying we are drawing line in the sand. Are people proud of what he didn’t do?"

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