Schumer to Paul Ryan: ‘Let’s Work Together, You’re a Free Man Now’

‘Even though we disagreed on most issues, in the areas where we could work together, I found him to be smart, thoughtful, and straightforward’


SCHUMER: "Now, with his newfound political freedom, I hope that the speaker uses his remaining time in Congress to break free from these hard right factions that plagued him so and that have kept Congress from getting real things done. If he’s willing to reach across the aisle, he’ll find Democrats willing and eager to work with him. I’d say to Speaker Ryan, let’s work together. You are more of a free man now. Follow your instincts, which means your beliefs won’t be the same as ours, but you will want to try to come to some kind of agreement that we can meet somewhere in the middle. Now, the job may be made harder because Congressmen Scalise and McCarthy are now competing for Ryan's job in the hard right’s favor. They are too vital in that caucus. But I believe Speaker Ryan is up to the job can overcome that problem and work in his last months here for the betterment of our country.”

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