Joan Walsh Rips Trump for Turning Syria Meeting into ‘Self-Serving Pity Party’ over Cohen Raid

‘It was such a typical Donald Trump’

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WALSH: "The way you’re defending him raises more questions than it answers. We have a situation right now — first of all, I was stunned and kind of saddened for the military people in that room when the president came out and used what should have been a statement about our national defense, to defend himself, to defend his lawyer, to attack Roberts Mueller and all of these law enforcement people — I don’t know how those men — I think they were all men — sat there and had to take that at a time when we’re really supposed to be thinking about, how do we respond to Syria. It was such a typical Donald Trump, self-serving, self-pity party move. And I just look at this and I think this is a big night and I will agree with the senator on one thing. We don’t really know what they have, but I would say they have a lot."

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