Jimmy Carter: Most People Want a President Who Tells the Truth and Who Has Some Basic Moral Values

‘I think most people want a president whom they trust to tell the truth’

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O'DONNELL: "I’m almost embarrassed to ask this question. You know, there’s so many problems facing America and people in need. Yet there’s an entire discussion about this current president and an alleged affair he had with an adult film star. What do you make of that?"
CARTER: "It will help the Democratic Party in 2018 and perhaps 2020 and will be damaging to President Trump. I think most people want a president whom they trust to tell the truth always and who has some basic moral values. That including loyalty to his own wife. In a way it will be damaging, but I don’t think it’s going to have nearly as much effect as it would have had, say, 20 years ago."

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