Dan Henninger: ‘There’s No More Stalwart Supporter of Donald Trump than John Dowd’

‘Now he’s replaced him with Joe diGenova, who will be extraordinarily aggressive’


HENNINGER: "I think anybody who works for Donald Trump understands they’re in a temporary job. It can change at any time. John Roberts covered a lot of ground there. One thing we have to try to separate here is that there are kind of two different forces at play inside the Trump legal team mostly having to do with Donald Trump himself. The President obviously thinks he’s innocent of anything having to do with collusion with the Russians. So he does not understand what is going on with Robert Mueller. So on the one hand, he wants his team to be really aggressive, almost like going to the mattresses with these people. That’s what John Dowd did. I used to get e-mails from John Dowd before he signed on for this. There is no more stalwart supporter of Donald Trump than John Dowd. Now he’s replaced him with Joe diGenova, who will be extraordinarily aggressive. Very interesting that John Roberts said they reached out to Ted Olson. Ted Olson, a Supreme Court lawyer, was himself the subject of an independent counsel about 20 years ago."

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