Buck Sexton: Brennan’s Tweet Plays into ‘Bigger Narrative’ of ‘Anti-Trump Cabal’ in the Intel Community

‘It looks like some were taking very clear anti-Trump action during the campaign as well’


KILMEADE: "Buck, does this sound like something the former CIA director should be tweeting?"
SEXTON: "He certainly allowed to but it plays right into a bigger narrative, Brian, of a whole anti-Trump Cabal at the top of the intelligence community during the Obama years, or at the very end of the Obama years. And I think what we see time and again here is that there are people, whether it’s Brennan, McCabe, Clapper, Comey, who are so clearly anti-Trump in their proclivities and it looks like some of them were taking very clear anti-Trump action during the campaign as well."
KILMEADE: "Right."
SEXTON: "For people who say things like there is no deep state or there is no swamp, I have to wonder at what point can we agree that this is well beyond a coincidence? And when you have the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations essentially saying on Twitter this is Samantha Power people better watch out because Brennan might be upset. That definitely sounds like the deep state is going to strike back."

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