Marc Thiessen: Conor Lamb Is a ‘Political Unicorn’

‘He’s running as a centrist Democrat pro-gun, pro-fracking, anti-Pelosi and refuse to criticize President Trump and is pro-life’


THIESSEN: "Absolutely it. Look, I’m not surprised it’s close. It’s not necessarily either a bellwether for the rest of the country. Lamb is running — Lamb is a political unicorn essentially. He’s running as a centrist Democrat who is pro-gun, pro-fracking, anti-Pelosi, refuses to criticize President Trump and claims to be pro-life. He said during the campaign that life begins at conception. If you dig a little bit deeper at his views, he wouldn’t support restrictions on that. But it’s enough, possibly, to convince people in a very Catholic working class pro-life district he agrees with them. So it would not be surprising if he was able to win because he’s running essentially as a Republican in a Republican district, and also the Republican candidate is a terrible candidate."

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