Lewandowski: ‘There Was No Collusion and No Cooperation Between the Trump Campaign and Any Russians’

‘They did a very good job of making it a circus’


LEWANDOWSKI: "Well, you know, I spent about between my two appearances which I volunteered to cooperate with, of course, because I had — I have never done anything wrong. There was no collusion no. Cooperation, no cooperation. I told this 1 hours over a period of two days. What’s amazing was while I’m in there testifying, members of the minority are out walking around telling the media everything that’s going to on. While it wasn’t — it was supposed to be a secret meeting in the sense of there were no Quam was there the Democrats are very good at sharing information. Very selective about. And what I said was I will answer every relevant question that relates to what this committee is supposed to be talking about, which is the Russia investigation. I will sit here forever if that’s what you want. But the bottom line is, that’s not what they want to get to. They want to make this a circus. They did a very good job of making it a circus. But at the end of the day, they are now assured from me and many others there was no collusion and no cooperation between the Trump campaign and any Russians."

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