Willie Geist: ‘Trump Feels the Walls Closing in’ with the Russia Investigation

‘He feels alone and isolated in that Oval Office’


GEIST: “He’s shown it again and again with tweet after tweet. Does anyone have any doubt that former Director Brennan is right that Donald Trump feels the walls closing in. People close to him are leaving the White House or are getting ready to leave the White House. He feels alone and isolated in that Oval Office and he’s worried about what’s coming down the pike. I mean, watching Sam Nunberg on TV, we know the President watches a lot of cable news, yesterday could not have been comforting. You can try to discredit Sam Nunberg, say he was a guy that he fired, which is true, in August of 2015, but the fact is Sam Nunberg provided a window into Bob Mueller’s investigation. It's a small window and you have to take some of what Nunberg said with a grain of salt, but there is no question that President Trump right now is worried about what’s happening and he’s going to throw up whatever smokescreen he can find to distract people from it.”

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