Jim Himes Defends Trump Dossier: ‘Unverified Does Not Mean Unreliable’

‘That’s the nature of raw intelligence’

HIMES: "Well, remember, unverified does not mean unreliable. Unverified means that the FBI has not been able to do all of their work to determine what is true and what is not true. That’s the nature of raw intelligence. But, Chris, I’m glad you bring up Jim Comey, because the whole premise of Devin’s campaign here is that the FBI and the DOJ were biased against Donald Trump. Chris, let’s take a big step back here. In the campaign itself, while — and now we know because you can read about it in the Democratic memo — while there was an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign and of multiple individuals in the Trump campaign, you do not hear a word from the FBI about that very serious investigation about the possibility of Russian collusion with the campaign, but you hear Jim Comey, time and again out there, saying, we are investigating Hillary Clinton, now we’re not investigating Hillary Clinton, now we’re back to investigating Hillary Clinton. A lot of people believe that Jim Comey’s actions may have prevented Hillary Clinton from becoming president of the United States. But Devin’s contention is that, oh, well, the FBI and the DOJ are actually biased against Donald Trump. I’ve got to tell you, if there was any bias within the FBI and the DOJ, they should — they had a very, very weird way of showing it during the campaign itself."

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