Expert: China ‘Poses a Much More Serious Long Term Strategic Threat to America’s Place in the World’

‘I think we just need to look back 20 years’


MA: "Well, you know, let’s recall that a few years ago senator John McCain who said that Russia really is just a gas station masquerading as a country. So, you know, you don’t need to take that literally, but, I think any sane person would look at China’s economy, look at the trajectory of their rise, and understand that China actually poses a much more serious long term strategic thread to America’s place in the world. But we don’t each have to look at that on such broad scale, I think we just need to look back 20 years. The last time we had a serious foreign influence campaign scandal in this country was during the Clinton era when, you know, the democratic national committee was forced to give back nearly $3 million of foreign money and we know that." 
CARLSON: "Russian money?" 
MA: "And we know that during that scandal there was actually a lot of Chinese money involved. Money from the communist government or people affiliated with the Chinese government and there was money from elsewhere in Asia, too. That was actually real money that had to be given back. Thus far we haven’t seen anything like that in the current Russia investigation."

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