MSNBC’s Velshi Likens Trump to Castro, Erdogan, Chavez, Putin After CPAC Speech

‘President Putin gives something like this every year’


VELSHI: "OK. A sprawling, truly sprawling, meandering speech by the president. The likes of which I was saying to Stephanie, I’m used to having heard from Hugo Chávez or Fidel Castro or Erdoğan, President Putin gives something like this every year, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used to give speeches like this. By our executive producer’s conservative count, he touched on 31 -- at least 31 different topics in the speech, none of which were Russia, by the way. Russia didn’t come up."
RUHLE: "Absolutely no mention of Russia. Remember, last Friday, 13 Russians were indicted. The president made no mention of it. If the White House is watching, I would like to ask you, the president said over and over about these great trade deals that -- that this administration is renegotiating."
VELSHI: "Yeah."
RUHLE: "We cover that every day here."
VELSHI: "I -- I -- I don’t know of any."
RUHLE: "Please, let us know what they are. And to the audience, we couldn’t see the audience, we could only president Trump, when they were cheering about when President Trump was talking about leaving TPP, unless the audience was filled with Chinese people, I have no idea —"
VELSHI: "Chinese factory workers in particular."
RUHLE: "— I have no idea why they would be cheering. Leaving TPP has absolutely not done anything for America or the American worker."
VELSHI: "Right. And he keeps talking about NAFTA, which he talked about in the election. They also still haven’t done anything about that. So, a remarkable -- this was a remarkable speech."

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