Kerry on Response to Ebola Death: ‘We Need Borders To Remain Open’

‘We need countries to contribute for Ebola centers and other African countries to join the effort’

JOHN KERRY: "-- are frankly urgent to be able to quickly move to contain the spread of Ebola. We need airlines to continue to operate in West Africa, and we need borders to remain open. And we need to strengthen the medivac capacity. We need countries to contribute for Ebola treatment centers and we need other African countries with the capacity to send responders to join the effort and we need to make sure the health-care workers who go properly trained, properly equipped, and supported in order to prevent additional infections. And as you can see in the next slide, this gives you a sense of who has contributed and what they have contributed, and the fact is the United Kingdom and United States between them have been committed $120 million to the United Nations response. There are smaller countries that have stepped up to the plate. Some quite remarkably. Some smaller countries are contributing way above their population compared to other countries. The fact is more countries can and must step up in order to make the contributions felt. And this chart tells the story. Those are not enough countries to make the difference to be able to deal with this crisis, and we need more nations, every nation has an ability to do something with this challenge. On the next chart will show, as you see we have a shortfall still of some $300 million. The United Nations identified $1 billion in urgent needs which is what it reflected in that pie chart. The World Bank put in 22 percent, the private sector 10 percent. Others have received the tally. It includes the ability to meet the challenge, and we need people to step up now, now is the time for action, not words. And frankly there is not a moment to waste in this effort."

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