Pam Bondi: I’m Certain the Prosecutors Will Be Seeking the Death Penalty for Parkland Shooter

‘The death penalty in Florida we take very seriously of course’


DOOCY: "Pam, what about the death penalty?"
BONDI: "Steve and Rachel, good morning to you."
DOOCY: "Good morning."
DUFFY: "God morning."
BONDI: "Good morning. The death penalty in Florida we take very seriously of course. There are aggravating circumstances and mitigating circumstances and those must be weighed. Of course mental health will be taken into play as it should. But there are other things and I can’t talk specifically about this case but I will tell you that anyone who in general who is cold, calculated, premeditated, something that is well-thought out, something that is planned, something that is organized in advance, those all weigh very heavily in. Also as to his mental state, that you know what you’re doing. You know many other aggravators as well apply but -- but you know, he was clearly a high school student. So he was intelligent. He had issues, but yes, I would be -- I would —"
DUFFY: "You’re going after the death penalty — or you suspect that's what's going to happen." [crosstalk]
BONDI: "Well it's not -- it is not my choice. So, what happens he goes before a judge. He gets no bond, and the state has 45 days to make the determination. They look at everything, and with seventeen dead children all of which parents I know now, I’m certain they will be seeking death."

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