‘Free Beacon’ Montage: MSNBC Says ObamaCare Is Working over and Over

‘There is no denying the health care law is working’

Obamacare ‘Is Working’ Because MSNBC Keeps Saying It Is (The Washington Free Beacon)

MSNBC, the left-wing cable network that houses President Obama’s most consistent media supporters, has  peddled the line that “Obamacare is working” since its troubled launch on Oct. 1, 2013.

The usual cheerleaders, including Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz as well as pundits and guests across the network, have made a humorous and defensive habit of insisting “the law is working” under an onslaught of negative news, from the website’s disastrous problems, rising premiums and cancelled insurance plans that flew so much in the face of President Obama’s promise that PolitiFact hit him with the 2013 “Lie of the Year.”

One reason they cite: More people have insurance now. Yes, it is astonishing how many people will sign up for health insurance when it becomes a legal requirement and hefty fines are leveled against non-compliers.

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