Student Who Witnessed Florida Shooting: ‘The Blood of Those 17 People Is on Rick Scott’s Hands’

‘It is my true belief the blood of those 17 people is on Rick Scott’s hands’

Student Who Witnessed Florida Shooting: ‘The Blood of Those 17 People Is On Rick Scott’s Hands’ (Mediaite)

These last 24 hours, we’ve heard some very passionate words and opinions from witnesses and survivors of the recent Florida school shooting regarding the need for lawmakers and leaders to take some kind of action to prevent these tragedies from happening over and over again.

Calling into MSNBC this afternoon, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Cameron Kasky recounted the hysteria that he witnessed during the shooting that took the lives of 17 people. He was then asked by host Ali Velshi how he’s been dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy, with Velshi noting that many of Kasky’s classmates have expressed anger and shock.

“A slew of emotions — anger, it’s fear, it’s grief and I’ve just been trying to channel those altogether into some sort of mad inspiration,” Kasky responded, before taking aim at his state’s leader.

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