Scarborough: Republicans ‘Sold Their Political Soul’ to Trump

‘They have sold their political soul to Donald Trump’


VANDEHEI: "I feel like we all seem like budget nags when we talk about deficits, but this stuff actually does matter. At some point you always have to pay down the interest on the debt and pay down the debt. It has consequences. We have been in this long period of total irresponsibility on both sides in how they govern and now the fact that the Republican Party is more liberal, more liberal than the Democratic Party on spending is astonishing. These people would have quit and picketed in the streets if Barack Obama did something like this. But now they just stand by and say, 'Huh,' and it goes back to what we said at the top of the show, is that Trump is the Republican Party. He — all their habits, all their instincts, the way they stand in silence, they are Donald Trump."
SCARBOROUGH: "They have sold their political soul to Donald Trump."

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