MSNBC’s Reid To Kumar: Are Activists Aware that Paul Ryan’s Next Move Is To Go After Entitlements?

‘So Maria, are activists aware now that Paul Ryan’s next move is to come out after Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid?’


REID: "So Maria, are activists aware now that Paul Ryan’s next move is to come out after Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid?" 
KUMAR: "Absolutely. That was one of the reasons why there was going to be that government shutdown in the first time that lasted three days. It was because of these entitlement programs and they basically want to keep it at the same level while they’re infusing funding into the military, but let’s be clear. When Obama went and did the stimulus package, it was because we needed shovel-ready programs because our economy was in a spiral downward. He needed to basically infuse funding from the federal reserve to ensure that the people didn’t basically — the country did not drown in debt. This is the opposite problem. We are enjoying a healthy economy, folks have a very low unemployment and the fact that the Republicans are doing this now is risky business and that’s one of the reasons that in the last week the Dow Jones went absolutely crazy, because they have to make sure that we are infusing and we maintain a steady inflation rate. What the Republicans are doing right now are playing and we might have to increase inflation. We might have to increase our deficits and they’re okay with it and the reason that they’re okay with it and they are looking for short-term gains for midterm elections and they recognize someone will see a check and sure, they’ll have $30, a little bit more every month and for the normal, average voter $30 makes a difference every month and oh, wait, maybe the Republicans are playing on my side, but the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is that the Republicans are doing the stimulus package to make corporations and their friends richer. The Democrats when they do the stimulus package is to make sure the American people, their wages increase and they feel it in their pockets."

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