Cain on FISA Abuse: Somebody Should Go to Jail and All Roads Lead to the Clintons

‘There is no question that some laws have been broken’


CAIN: "Neither have I. This is the absolute biggest. I commend you and your staff for continuing to report the facts and connect the dots. There is no question that some laws have been broken. But due process takes time. Somebody should go to jail. And all roads lead to the Clintons or somebody associated with the Clintons, but it’s going to take due process and some time before all of the dots are connected. When there was a coverup as Dr. Gorka talked about, that’s one thing. And when it was exposed, it was out there almost immediately. This isn’t a coverup. It started out, it was supposed to be about the Trump Administration or candidate trump and his people. Now we know it wasn’t. It was the Democrats, the Clintons, and it was all about Hillary Clinton campaign."

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