Hallie Jackson Grills Matt Schlapp on Porter Scandal: Is Your Wife ‘Comfortable’ Working in W.H.?

Schlapp: ‘Don’t doubt a lot of Americans are looking at Donald Trump himself as a person and the agenda and are cheering loud’

Hallie Jackson Grills Matt Schlapp On Porter Scandal: Is Your Wife ‘Comfortable’ Working in WH? (Mediaite)

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson got very direct on Friday when she grilled American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp about Rob Porter‘s domestic violence scandal.

Porter’s alleged abuse has created a new firestorm of controversy for the White House — particularly because Chief of Staff John Kellydefended Porter despite being previously aware of what he is being accused of. Schlapp fielded numerous questions about this when he appeared on MSNBC Live, and the conversation eventually focused Schlapp’s wife Mercedes who works for the Trump Administration.

“Is she comfortable working in this West Wing?” Jackson asked.

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