Nigel Farage: Big Problem We Have with the UK NHS Is the Surge in Immigrants

‘The big problem we’ve got is a population crisis’


FARAGE: "Well, the big problem we’ve got is a population crisis, caused by government policy on immigration. So we with a population of 65 million are now increasing by half a million people every single year. Over three quarters of that directly attributed to immigration over the last few years. And the problem is, you know, we just haven’t got enough hospitals. We haven’t got enough doctors. We haven’t got enough facilities. That’s one problem we’ve got. Another big problem we’ve got is that the national health service has kind of moved into becoming the international health service. We’re providing a lot of healthcare for people coming in to Britain from all over the world. So we do need some absolutely fundamental reforms. This system that we had was set up in 1948 and actually, surprisingly for a state run thing, you know, for most of the first certainly 50 years, the public had great faith in it."
DOOCY: "Right."
FARAGE: "Right now it’s pretty much at breaking point."

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