Kasich: The Statue of Liberty Doesn’t Say We’ll Accept Only People with PhDs

‘My grandfather couldn’t speak English when we first came’


KASICH: "If you take the issue of DACA, the DREAMers, I absolutely don’t understand why the Congress can’t just pass something to take these people off the razor’s edge. Or when it comes to immigration, I don’t want to shut all immigration down. Of course we have to protect the border, but I also get very, very concerned about the type of people, we want to have people with PhDs coming into the country. That’s not what’s on the Statue of Liberty about give me your tired and your poor. My grandfather couldn’t speak English when he came. This whole notion that we’re not part of the global activity is not healthy for us. So I'm extremely concerned. And the attack on basic institutions, attack on the press. A lot of people out there on both sides say the press is biased. Okay, everybody has their point of view. But what if you didn’t have a press? Or even now the attacks we see on the F.B.I. and the Justice Department. This concerns me."

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