Fox News: Some Carrier Workers Feel Trump Has Forgotten Them

‘Since then, Carrier has had two rounds of layoffs and some workers feel the president has moved on’

GALLAGHER: "Hi, Martha. These days President Trump spends less time talking about keeping jobs from going overseas and more time talking about the new tax bill and the robust economy in fairness there is reasons to boast applications for new unemployment benefits are now at lowest level in nearly 45 years. The numbers of Americans collecting unemployment hasn’t been this low since the 1970s when the job force was much smaller. On top of that the stock market is red hot. Despite a down day today, the Dow remains above 26,000. And so far this year the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 are up nearly 5%. Experts say it’s because of tax cuts, consumer confidence, and expectations for a strong earning season. But the smiles at the corner of wall and broad have done little to raise spirits on the streets of west Indianapolis where some manufacturing workers think the president has found new talking points and forgotten old promises. Remember, in December of 2016, then President-Elect Trump cut a deal between the state of Indiana and carrier heating and airconditioning. The company would get $7 million of incentive money next change for not shipping out jobs to a manufacturing plant in Mexico. Depending on whose numbers you believe, the deal saved between 7 and 1100 jobs. Since then, Carrier has had two rounds of layoffs and some workers feel the president has moved on. Watch."

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