CNN Anchor: Don't Interrupt the President

Anchor Don Lemon says Obama critics motivated by race

Speaking Monday on CNN, anchor Don Lemon agrees with Sam Donaldson, who chastised Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller for interrupting a presidential press conference last Friday: LEMON: “Plus Tucker, there’s a big difference between Sam Donaldson and Neil Monroe. For starters, who the hell is Neil Monroe? Mr. Donaldson’s very dignified response reads like this: ‘Never once did I interrupt a president in any way while he was making a formal statement.’ Donald says, ‘What Monroe did was something new to me. Wrong and unusual. He also says, ‘Let’s face it: many on the political right believe the president ought not to be there. They oppose him not for his policies and political view, but for who he is, an African American.’ Finally, the elephant in the Rose Garden.’ Thank you Sam Donaldson.”

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