Bret Baier: Trump Was Not Pleased with John Kelly’s Comment that He Has ‘Evolved’ on the Wall

‘I don’t think what he said was much different than what they have been saying up on Capitol Hill’


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KELLY: "He and I talk constantly, weekends, early mornings, late at night -- we talk constantly. He bounces ideas off of me, I’m very proud of the fact that he respects my opinion. But again, he is the president of the United States. He's got his own way of doing business."
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SMITH: "That was last night White House chief of staff John Kelly on 'Special Report with Bret Baier', talking about his relationship with President Trump and how they work together in the Oval Office. Let’s bring in Bret Baier. And Bret, good morning and good to see you."
BAIER: "Good morning."
SMITH: "Fresh off that interview, what are your thoughts this morning and the reaction?"
BAIER: "Yeah. So we're hearing from John Roberts and our White House team that the president was not pleased with some of what -- what the chief -- White House chief of staff had to say, specifically about his evolution on the wall. And Kelly said that -- that the president has evolved on what he thought about the wall and -- different than in the campaign. I don’t think what he said was much different than what they have been saying up on Capitol Hill, that the DHS secretary, others, saying it's going to be a combination of things, of -- of actual wall structure, fencing, and invisible wall. But how it came off apparently has not -- has not sat well with the president."

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