Fmr. Apprentice Star Randall Pinkett on Trump: ‘There Is No Question in My Mind He’s a Racist’

‘Donald Trump is vying for the most racist person that I’ve met these days’

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PINKETT: "Donald Trump is vying for the most racist person that I’ve met these days. It’s interesting that he has this sound byte of saying he’s not racist. I remember when he was asked how do you defend against racism? He said I hired Randall. Like saying I have my break friend. When we look at the pattern, I think people were afraid to label him a racist because there was maybe political correctness. After you look at the history, I grew up near New York. You look at what is happening in New York and housing discrimination and treatment of black lives matter protesters, all of what we’ve seen is a pattern of racracism. There is no question in my mind he’s a racist, my question is how will Republicans respond in light of the continued pattern putting them into a corner and I’m disappointed this people like Paul Ryan who in my opinion have been less and less vocal as time has progressed in denouncing Donald’s behavior."

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