Rove: Polls Now Won’t Tell Us What Will Happen in Three Years Between Trump, Oprah

‘How likely is a head to head matchup gonna tell us what will happen in three years?’

ROVE: "Oh my God. Are we really doing this? Look at some numbers. We’ll look at some numbers. You’re right, 48/38. Don’t know how good the poll is. What I do know, last March Quinnipiac said do you have an favorable or unfavorable opinion of Oprah? You want her to run for president. 69% said no, 21% said yes. While they liked her 2:1, the object of running for president, there’s a big difference between just sort of being popped into one of these surveys and then do people want you to run? More important than that, we are three years, just over three years — just under three years from the presidential election. We are probably a year and a half away from the presidential primaries starting to get going. So what is the utility of a poll now doing a matchup for 2020? How likely is a head to head matchup gonna tell us what will happen in three years? I think it’s down near 0. 0."

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