York: ‘Democrats Have Pretty Much Pledged to Throw Their Bodies in Front of a Wall’ to Stop It

‘We’ll see what they say as March 5 gets closer’


YORK: "When you look at the — first of all, on the question of a government shutdown, I think Democrats don’t have the kind of leverage they are threatening or they think they might have. On the question of DACA where both sides want something, Democrats have pretty much pledged to throw their bodies in front of a wall. They want to stop it at any event. But there are some people, some supporters of the President talking about some other measure, maybe a down payment on the wall with then authorization for some sort of revenue stream that would come from the wall, that is user fees like people who cross borders or visas that are issued. Some sort of arrangement to create a funding source in the future going forward for a wall. Is that something that Democrats would agree to right now? I’m sure they would say no. But we’ll see what they say as March 5 gets closer."

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