Tom Steyer: ‘We Need to Get Rid of This Dangerous and Unfit President’

‘We need to get rid of him’


STEYER: "And we believe and we believed then when we started on October 20th, and we believe today that in fact the President is dangerous, he is unfit for office, we need to get rid of him, and that the American people’s voice, regardless of what party they’re in, is the only power in the land that will make that happen, is the only thing that the elected officials of both parties absolutely have to listen to. So it’s true that we’re going to do all the youth organizing that I talked about this morning. But it’s also true that we’re doubling down on the 'Need to Impeach' campaign. That wasn’t a tactic. That is an ongoing campaign where we feel very strongly we need to get rid of this dangerous and unfit president."

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