Lee Zeldin: President Trump Has Had a Great First Year But It Doesn’t Mean We’ll Agree 100% of the Time

‘I think the President had a great 2017’


ZELDIN: "No. President Trump has had a great first year. You look at the numbers on the economic front where the market is. The amount new jobs that have been created into the mills. Getting Neil Gorsuch confirmed. I just gat back from the middle East. It’s my third year visiting the troops. I have not seen their confidence this high. ISIS is getting wiped off the map all across walk and Syria our military is feeling good about it. Any type of caliphate they want to establish under a trump presidency will be a caliphate in hell. They are getting wiped out of Iraq, and seeing extraordinary gains in Syria. We passed an expansion of the G.I. Bill the president signed into law. The whistleblower protection act. So I’m just giving a few examples. Where I think the president had a great 2017, I support him it doesn’t mean we’ll agree 100% of the time." 

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