Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘Donald Trump Doesn’t Really Care About the Country or the People; He Only Cares About Himself’

‘All he sees is wins or loses for him’


JEAN-PIERRE: "Well, Jonathan, I don’t know. I wish I knew. I mean the guy is so — anyway. We’re ending 2017. 2018 is another whole thing. So, look, I think Donald Trump doesn’t really care about the country or people. He only cares about himself. All he sees wins or loses for him. And what we saw this year, really, was about how he is going to undo everything that Obama did during his presidency? Historic presidency that he did. That’s all it is for him and I think they’re going to have a difficult time next year, Republicans, because not only do they have a very historically unpopular president, they have this bill, this GOP tax plan that they passed that was also historically unpopular. They have to sell that next year while the midterm is going on. Incredibly difficult messaging to move forward with."

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